About us

Artmade is an online enterprise that aims to promote handmade products “made in Albania” worldwide. We search for the best, the most passionate creations and bring them to you.


Our mission is to support local artists and artisans by connecting them with handmade admirers across the globe. Our work, our resources and our resolve are focused on bridging gaps, opening doors and providing opportunities for artisan people to join the international marketplace.

Who choose US


Artmade only sells handmade products.


Our hand created products are made to the highest quality because we understand the value of each piece. Remember paying less means your getting less. Hand crafted work is built to last.


We’re incredibly passionate about supporting local artists and artisans.


Each product is designed and produced with maximum dedication, worked in detail that make the difference


Our artists are available to give you a product that is as beautiful as it is special

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