Silver plated lion king sculpture

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The Lion is commonly referred to as “The KING of the Beasts,” it is a symbolism of Kingly Power and Might, The Ruler of its Domain! The Lion’s most common traits are known as: The Leader, Majesty, Strength, Courage, Power, Justice, and Might! Do you or the recipient of this stunning Lion statue/Lion Figurine/ Lion Scuplture exhibit these strong and powerful characteristics? If so, then it’s just right for you or them!!

UNIQUELY CRAFTED – This Guardian lion statue is hand carved & polished by experienced artisans. These statues will give a edge to your home decor , kitchen decor or living room decorative lion.

Perfect gift for Lion Lovers who represent the Leader, Majesty, Strength, Courage, Power, Justice, and Might! like Lion, or perfect Gift for Lion Mascot.

This statue holds a deep and rich meaning, that can and will be cherished as it is long-lasting, with it’s classy look, vivid texture, lively appearance, elegant and brilliant posture. Artmade collection of statues and figurines are ideal for home and office decoration, gift for business purpose, birthday, encouragement and so on.

150  120 

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Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 21 cm